Sculptor and Installation Artist

The Artist Is Present

Sculpture (Wall Mounted)
Aluminium Mesh & Acrylic
30 x 21 x 5

“You can start with any object and create an energy field around it again and again through ritual… because repetition of the same thing over and over again generates enormous power.”
– Marina Abramović, 1998

Through her ritualistic performance art, Abramović connects with not only herself but with those around her. In my piece, cutting again and again through layer after layer, the same motion over and over becomes a ritual of self. Can we reach through to the other side? Can we see ourselves and each other in our true reality?


This piece was made for and donated to ‘a space’ arts for their Inspirational Women Artists exhibition; a silent auction of artworks both created and inspired by female identifying artists. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Yellow Door, a Southampton-based charity that prevents and responds to domestic and sexual abuse.